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Armed with an experience in the export market for over 53 years by partnering with the biggest retail brands including Anthropologie, Target, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Joann, we bring to you our retail fronts Champo.

Champo is built on a foundation of Trust and stability, synonymous with the color blue. Spanning over 1.2 million square feet, our parent facility headquartered in Bhadohi is 100% vertically integrated which reaffirms our commitment towards quality.

We make conscious decisions in nurturing the societal fabric and the environment around us right from yarns we procure, to the process we follow to the people we hire.



Champo began its journey from basic infrastructure where carpets were woven by hands. With the passing years, we have developed the best infrastructure having both handwoven and mechanized craftsmanship. With 1.2 million square feet of infrastructure spread across different parts of India such as bhadohi, Panipat, and Noida, we are proud to have a network of about 12500 artisans whom we provide as a means of livelihood and support to these artisans.

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Every carpet here is woven with a distinct grace and an unmatched style that speaks volumes about the carpet weaving tradition of India.
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Our Chairman

Champo as an organization has been in the industry for over 50 years and will be soon celebrating 60 years of operations. As a third-generation company, in order to achieve long-term success and sustain future generations, Champo believes in products, people, and the planet. As we engage and serve our customers, we grow and strengthen our business and vice versa. If the past couple of years has reinforced anything, it’s the need for the shared value approach. The shared value approach is one that ensures that social and environmental issues are kept at the core of the business model rather than having them as a fringe activity. We do this by continuously pushing ourselves and committing to the global industry standards that keep our company anew. We strive to use this approach in all aspects of our business to help guide us throughout our journey. Our company stands with our workforce and society in times of critical need.


Take a glimpse into the world of impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs taking form into something that brings a sense of novelty and pride.

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