Colton (7621046141084)
Colton (7621046141084)
Colton (7621046141084)


Check out Colton, the panja jute and wool rug that will brighten up any room and add style! The sturdy jute fibers provide excellent durability and the wool adds a luxurious feel underfoot. What's not to love? With Colton, you get it all, in one jute-y, wooly package! Panja jute and wool rug with an intricate weave, and multiple braids at separate sections in white and black. This rug uses natural fiber and has a rustic appeal.

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Clover (7360600309916)



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Experience the warmth of the Ashlie, a hand-tufted rug with a unique beige and grey palette. Constructed from viscose for a luxurious feel, this rug will bring comfort and style to any room.

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