Harmonie (7567566176412)
Harmonie (7567566176412)
Harmonie (7567566176412)
Harmonie (7567566176412)


Harmonie carpets add warmth and comfort to any room. Constructed from premium quality materials, Harmonie carpets are both durable and long-lasting, ensuring reliable performance for years. Let Harmonie carpets bring character and cozy touch to your space.

A perfect balance of bottle green, blue, and yellow, this rug can lighten up an empty space or a textured wall instantly. This rug is made of hand tufted

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Clover (7360600309916)



At Champo, we believe in nurturing strong relations with clients and our partners and therefore we would love to stay in touch with you for the future. Please let us know for any rug or home accessories queries.


Experience the warmth of the Ashlie, a hand-tufted rug with a unique beige and grey palette. Constructed from viscose for a luxurious feel, this rug will bring comfort and style to any room.

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